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Post  The Assasian on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:17 am

Okay here are the rules. Follow them and everything will go well.

1. 5 Sign Ups only.

2. The fifth sign up must be a Female wrestler.

3. Tag Teams between your characters are allowed.

4. No caws.

A good sign up will have you characters name of course, their finisher, alignment, Signature Moves, Theme Song, Height, Weight, and just a small sample roleplay. If you have these things then you will most likely be accepted unless the character is taken. Also try and post a pic of your wrestler in there bio. I will approve it and then you can create a gimmick as a reply. Things to add in your profile are you Tag Team partner and Manager if you have one. At least one of your finishers must be you characters real finisher other than that the rest can be made up by you.

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