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Post  "the animal" viper99 on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:31 pm

A clip of past warzone shows is shown

Fireworks shoot out on the stage

Jr: hello and welcome to yet another xwc warzone, I m jim ross and I am here with my broadcast partner jerry lawler

Jerry: yes its me jerry, so let's get this show started

Miz and suicide are in the ring while jeff hardy and homocide wait outside the ring, the two wrestlers grapple in the middle of the ring, suicid gets the miz in a headlock, miz gets out and does a back suplex, miz gets in front of the downed opponent and starts punching him, miz waits for the opponent to get up, the miz runs towards the opponent, suicide blocks the knee strike and does a pele kick, suicide throws the miz into his corner, suicide gives the tag to homocide, homocide comes in and stomps the miz down, homocide tried to do a running dropkick onto miz but miz moved out of the way and slammed him too the ground, miz goes up in front of homocide and does a snap suplex, the miz gets homocide up, homocide breaks away from the miz and tags in jeff hardy, the miz runs towards jeff hardy and tried to clothesline him, jeff hardy ducks under the clothes line and does a pele kick, jeff hardy gets the miz up and does a twist of fate, miz rolls to the outside, miz grabs a steel chair, miz goes back in the ring, miz tries to hit jeff with a steel chair but jeff dropkicked him, miz landed with the chair on his stomach, jeff hardy goes to the top rope, jumps off top rope and does a swanton bomb on miz while he had the chair on him, jeff gives the tag to suicide, suicide gets the miz up and hits a DOA, suicide pins the miz 1...........2.............3

Winners: suicide, jeff hardy, homocide

Jr: wow what a win and a hard fought match

Jerry: oh you know they're gonna put that on our first dvd

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