Randy Orton Arrives at XCW

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Randy Orton Arrives at XCW Empty Randy Orton Arrives at XCW

Post  Justin Garcia on Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:06 am

the lights suddenly turn black leaving the fans wondering whats going on

The lights suddenly turn on showing randy orton in a serious face

THe Fans go wild

Randy walks his way towards the ring

Randy gets inside the ring and looks around the whole arena

Randy Then goes on the turnbuckle and raises both his arms up

The Crowd Starts Cheering

Randy Orton:My Name Is Randy orton.........

The Crowd goes absolutely nuts

Randy Orton:i have arrived at a new habitat known as XCW....I am here to show people that i mean business...real business.im here to win championships,take on contender matches and i am here to SHOW THE WORLD THAT I AM A DANGEROUS VIPER.You see i taken opponents down over the past years and that has not changed a bit throughout the years.once i challenge somebody they will have fear in their two eyelids and look at the future in fear.And once my opponent gets in the ring.ITS GOING TO BE TROUBLE FOR HIS LOSS.SO FROM NOW ON I AM NOT JUST A SUPERSTAR,I AM THE DANGEROUS MAN PEOPLE WILL EVER,AND I MEAN EVER SEE.AND IF U SAY IM NOT.THEN I WILL END THEIR LIFE.

Randy drops the microphone and leaves the ring hits on the p.a titantron as randy leaves the ring

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