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Brothers of Destruction Empty Brothers of Destruction

Post  The Underworlder on Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:50 am

Kane and Undertaker are seen back stage an interviewer walking up to them.

Interviewer: Do you guys have a minute for an interview?

Kane grabs the mic from the interviewer.

Kane: I am Kane and this is The Undertaker, together we are The Brother of Destruction and we will be the new tag team title champions. We will annihilate and destory anyone who stands in our way. Your bones will turn into nothing but dust. We will make you bleed and bleed and bleed some more.

Kane turns to his brother giving him the mic

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Brothers of Destruction Empty Re: Brothers of Destruction

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:12 pm

Undertaker: Thats right. Tonight's match will be a bloodbath. We have a goal in common.

*Undertaker looks from Kane back to the camera*

Undertaker: Number one, to win the Tag Championship and secondly, to take their souls. We will destroy whoever gets in our way. We do, however like a challenge, so to all of you in the back, if your brave enough to stare into the eyes of the greatest tag team ever, the Brothers of Destruction, then your welcome to. Just don't expect any mercy.

Undertaker: Mr Anderson, let me just say I think your microphone skills are disastrous and that I suggest everyone has some paracetamol and some water near by when you reach for the mic. The same can be said for your in ring ability. You wouldn't last a minute against us.

Undertaker: Matt Morgan, the Genetic Freak. Well, you got the second bit right. I see that you have been in WWE before but that I have not faced you one on one. I suggest you find one of the sorry souls I have so easily beaten before and then ask them what it is like to face me one on one. Then think about how terrifying it is to face Kane and I two on two and consider if you actually want to participate .


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