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jeff hardy house show #1 Empty jeff hardy house show #1

Post  "the animal" viper99 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:54 pm

No more words plays on the pa system

Jeff hardy runs out from backstage and starts flinging his arms

Purple and blue fireworks come out of the stage

Jeff runs down the ramp clapping hands with the fans

Jeff runs in the ring and grabs a mic

Jeff hardy: man this feels good, its good to be back.

The crowd cheers

Jeff: that's right the enigma is back inside of the ring that he was born to be in, but back in a brand neqw company, the xwc warzone

The crowd cheers

Jeff: now when I got here today I was told that I would be in a title match next week for the steel cage title, and none of the other competitors have been chosen yet, it could be scott steiner, it could be mr anderson, it could be matt morgan but, wait hang on, I know how to make this much better, lower the cage please

The cage lowers

Jeff climbs to the top of the cage and sits

Jeff: as I was saying, no matter who it is, they are gonna have a very tough challenge getting through the charismatic enigma, but I promise you no matter what this qill be a great match

Jeff turns his legs to the outside of the cage

Jeff: if you can make it

Jeff jumps off the cage and lands on his feet

Camera cuts to commercial

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