Warzone #1

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Warzone #1

Post  The Assasian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:35 pm

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to XWC! I'm one half of the comm team along with...

Jerry Lawer: Me, Jerry Lawler and we have a great card for you tonight but first please welcome our GM Vickie Guerrero and Owner of XWC Shane McMahon.

Vickie Guerrero and Shane McMahon walk down the ramp followed by thunderous applause. They enter the ring and Vickie begins to talk.

Vickie Guerrero: Hello everyone are you ready for some XWC action tonight?


Vickie Guerrero: We will but first we have some people in the audience we would like to acknowledge.

Shane McMahon begins to talk.

Shane McMahon: Yes first we would like to welcome three CWF stars.

Vickie Guerrero: Please welcome, The Assasian, Viper, and Justin Garcia.

The spotlight shines on them and they wave.

Vickie Guerrero: Yes they all donated money to this company, without them XWC would not be here.

Crowd: CWF, CWF!

Vickie Guerrero: Well then please get pumped up and enjoy the first ever XWC!

Vickie Guerrero and Shane McMahon leave the ring and the crowd cheers.

Jim Ross: Well then thank you Vickie and Shane for that speach.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah it was great and all but let's get on with the show!

Funeral Dirge plays

Smoke fills the arena as the lights are dimmed creating an eerie atmosphere for the fans and announcers. The Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul O Bearer on his right hand side. Once in the ring Undertaker stands in the centre as lightning hits the corners causing the crowd to screen and the lights to flicker back on

Undertaker: On this very dark cold night...Xtreme Wrestling Championship will feel a force greater than death, the force of the living dead. Tonight I join XWC to create history in this newly created federation. I will be forced to prove myself to everyone in the back, that is if they survive the power unleashed by me on their helpless souls.

The crowd cheers

Undertaker: All of the wrestlers here will have to overcome a challenge greater than any other in the history of this business. They will be challenged to survive the darkness that is brought to this great company in the formation of me. They will have to push themselves to the limit to beat me.

Undertaker: The process of beating me will put immense strain on their bodies as they endeavour to try and beat the dead man. Anyone who dares to look into my eyes deserves an award for bravery, but it may be the last thing you ever do, as a living man anyway.

The crowd cheers louder than before

Undertaker: I have entered this federation with many intentions. One of them being to be the greatest champion here. I want to win as many championships as possible, but once I have won a championship, anyone seeking to win it thereafter will find themselves begging me for mercy as I unleash my wrath on their supposedly innocent souls. I have warned you.

Undertaker: You will find I can be very intimidating when I require to be. I can penetrate you with my stare or infiltrate your soul that you so seemingly think is innocent. You see, no-one is safe, not even your family.

Undertaker gives an evil laugh

Undertaker: There is however one man who is safe from my path of destruction. He is my brother, Kane. As we together form the greatest and most powerful tag team ever to walk on the face of the Earth, which we will prove to you in the next show. People flinch at even the sound of our name, The Brothers, Of Destruction.

Undertaker: Now, onto my match tonight. AJ Styles...so young, weak and vulnerable. If he has any sense at all he will chicken out of the match, just to make sure his career is not short lived. He may be young and more agile than be but he has very little experience... and even the most experienced of wrestlers cannot beat me.

Undertaker gives an evil laugh and seems to be enjoying a very deep thought and then his laugh turns into a smile as he begins to speak

Undertaker: Scott Steiner. Where do I begin? Well, at least you brings more of a challenge than AJ. Scott, I have beaten you many times in the past and I will be delighted do it again. I know your strengths and weaknesses and how to fight you. This match is a piece of cake.

Undertaker: Now AJ and Scott, and infact, all of the wrestlers here. You may be labouring under the delusion that I am, how to phrase this, going to come quietly. Well it is very sad for me to inform you of your ludicrous ideas. I will not be coming quietly, I will be taking anyone's and everyone's souls, starting with you.

Undertaker drops the mic and stands in the ring as the lights slowly dim and the arena returns to its previously smoke filled state and his theme plays

Jerry Lawler: Man that Undertaker is one creepy guy.

Jim Ross: But he's one of the best in XWC.

Jerry Lawler: You've got that right.

Jim Ross: Well our first match of the night is Shark Boy vs John Cena and this should be a good one.

Eat Me plays

Shark Boy walks down the ramp in a thunderous applause, he starts giving everyone high fives as he enters the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and does a pose for the fans, he then jumps down and leans on the turnbuckle while holding the ropes.

Jim Ross: Shark Boy is a very succsessful wrestler, winning titles around many indy promotions and I bet he's gonna bring everything he can to John Cena tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Both of these competitors are in top shape and are both young and ready to wrestle.

Basic Thugonomics plays

John Cena walks down the ramp and starts flipping fans off. The fans begin to boo him. He enters the ring and laughs at Shark Boy. He takes off his shirt, chain and hat, and gets ready to fight.

The bell rings and the match begins.

Shark Boy tries to hit a running Big Boot but Cena dodges it and gets behind Shark Boy and hits a German Suplex. Cena gets Shark Boy up and Irish Whip's him. Shark Boy bounces off the ropes and Cena hits a Clothesline. Cena climbs the top turnbuckle and goes for a Diving Elbow Drop but Shark Boy rolls out of the way and Cena's elbow crashes into the mat. Cena quickly gets up and is hit with a Crossbody from Shark Boy. Shark Boy jumps onto the turnbuckle and hits a Moonsault on Cena. He goes for the pin and the ref counts ...1...2.Cena kicks out of the pin and Shark Boy gets up and hits two Stomps on Cena. Shark Boy jumps up and hits a Leg Drop on Cena. Shark Boy goes to get Cena up but Cena hits a Low Blow on him and lifts him up and hits Powerbomb on Shark Boy. Cena goes for the pin and the ref counts ...1...2..Shark Boy kicks out. Cena get Shark Boy up and Irish Whip's him into a turnbuckle he runs at him and hits a huge Clothesline on Shark Boy making Shark Boy fall down to the floor. Cena gets Shark Boy up and Irish Whip's him, Cena goes for a Clothesline but Shark Boy dodges it and goes for a Crucifix pin. The ref begins to count ...1...2...Cena kicks out. Shark Boy gets Cena up and Irish Whip's him into the turnbuckle. Shark Boy runs at him and hits a Dropkick on his body. Shark Boy then lifts Cena up to the very top of the turnbuckle. Shark Boy climbs up and wraps Cena's head around his arm. He lifts Cena up and gets a Deadly Bite on him. He goes for the pin and the ref counts ...1...2...3! The bell rings and Shark Boy stands up to celebrate.

WINNER: Shark Boy

Jim Ross: Shark Boy has done it! He has won the first match in XWC history!

Jerry Lawler: Great win by Shark Boy.

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Re: Warzone #1

Post  The Assasian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:39 pm

The show comes back from commercial

The Ultimate Warrior is shown backstage standing in-front of a massive picture of his logo behind

Ultimate Warrior: I joined this fed with new goals, new aspirations and a new chance. A new chance to prove myself worthy. A new chance to make everyone wince at the very sound of my name. A new chance to prove my self as champion material. I am going to take those opportunity and treasure it greatly.

Ultimate Warrior closes his fists and puts it on his chest where his heart would be

Ultimate Warrior: You will be seeing a different Warrior to the one in the past. I will be stronger, faster, greater and more ULTIMATE than ever before. Tonight will be like a reincarnation for me and a great chance to show my true colours.

Ultimate Warrior starts to smile

Ultimate Warrior: Tonight, 2 of the greatest athletes in the sports entertainment business today join together to create one immortal tag team. The team of Ultimate Warrior and Blue Demon Junior. So a heads up for everyone looking to make a name for themselves in the tag team division, you have Blue Demon and myself to get past first. And that will be a mammoth challenge for everyone here.

Ultimate Warrior begins to laugh with joy

Ultimate Warrior: Tonight, I have am competing in a Fatal 4 Way match for the UK Championship. I agree with the name 'Fatal' Four Way as the match tonight will be fatal. I will show no mercy against my helpless opponents. Once the adrenaline has started to pump through the body of the Ultimate Warrior he is indestructible!

Ultimate Warrior starts to shake and then slowly calms down

Ultimate Warrior: I will bring a new meaning of 'No Mercy' to this federations. The superstars here will be forced to endure pain that is can not be compared to anything you have seen before. It will be torture for your mental, as well as physical well being.

Ultimate Warrior: The match will present me with no challenge at all. Shawn Michaels - runs around telling everyone he is the Heartbreak Kid when he knows its not true as tonight I will end his career and then we will see who really is the HBK. He couldn't beat me all the time he has a hole in his arse. Later on I will show him what it means to be awesome, what it means to be great and, most importantly of all, what it takes to be ULTIMATE. The match will be intense, it will be destructive and it will be a WAR!!!

Ultimate Warrior-This brings me to my second opponent tonight, Sheamus. I don't have any problems with the Irish despite some of the bad reputations that you are given. I do however have a problem with people that earn Ireland that reputation, and you are a culprit Sheamus. So tonight, I am going to do all the Irish a favour and rid of you once and for all. One act of random kindness will make the world a better place, and that is act number 1.

Ultimate Warrior: Lastly- Edge, The Ultimate Opportunist, The Rated R Superstar, Mr Money In The Bank. Those are just stupid nicknames that you have given yourself, they have no real meaning. I am here for one reason only , to win the UK Championship. If you get in my way then you will feel a sensation like you have never felt before, you will feel the Ultimate Warrior destroying you in front of all the thousands of fans in attendance here tonight and for that reason I suggest you stay out of the war path I am creating so quickly here in XWC.

Ultimate Warrior starts to breathe heavily and then walks away slowly

Jim Ross: Well Warrior is sure pumped up.

Jerry Lawler: You can say that again.

A man with a faux hawk is shown wearing a leather coat

The man turns around and reveals himself to be the miz

The miz: hello you maggots known as the wxc universe, I am THE MIZ!!! Tonight I have a match with three mind numbing, non charismatic superstars, oh, and to make it even more boring one of the superstars in this match is one of the most boring and non entertaining superstars ever to set foot into a wrestling ring and his name is randy Orton.

Crowd chants "Orton, Orton, Orton"

The miz: that's right, randy Orton, the viper, the "legend killer", I haven't seen something that boring since the super bowl

Crowd boos

The miz: and not only is it against randy Orton, but to make it even worse, its right here. Where mizstakes growl and the drunks are even drunker than ireland itself

Crowd boos

The miz: and you people won't be looking up to the" legend killer" but you will be looking at the most entertaining superstar too date, ME, BECAUSE I'M THE MIZ, and I'MMMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!!!

Camera cuts back to the announce table

Jim Ross: Oh yeah we have The Miz here as well.

Jerry Lawler: And he's up against Orton for the world title.

Jim Ross: Well next match is Homicide vs Suicide with Mickie James.

Jerry Lawler: This should be a good one.

Coming Alive plays as Suicide walks down the ramp with Mickie James followed by cheering.

Suicide jumps into the ring and gets ready.

Dawgz plays and Homicide walks down the ramp followed by boos.

Homicide enters the ring and before the bell rings he kicks Suicide in the stomach and lifts him up into a Spinebuster. He then hits a Leg Drop on him as the bell rings to start the match. Homicide then gets Suicide up and lifts him up and hits a Fireman's Carry. Homicide climbs the top turnbuckle and goes for a Crossbody when Suicide gets up but Suicide hits a Dropkick on him mid-jump. Sucide gets up and hits a standing Moonsault. He goes for the pin and the ref begins to count ...1...2.Homicide kicks out. Suicide gets Homicide up and bounces off the ropes and hits a Crossbody. Suicide gets Homicide up and the two start trading punches until Homicide kicks Suicide in the gut and hits a Neckbreak. He goes for the pin and the ref counts ...1...2...Suicide kicks out Homicide goes for a Leg Drop and hits it. Homicide gets Suicide up and hits The Gringo Killer! When Homicide goes for the pin Suicide rolls him up. The ref counts ...1...2...3. The bell Rings

WINNER: Suicide

Jim Ross: And Suicide with the upset!

Jerry Lawler: Very nice win Suicide.

Camera flashes to the backstage

A guy with long blonde hair is shown looking at a wall

???: so this is what the inside of these hollowed walls looks like

Man turns around to show its edge

Edge: that's right, its me, didn't see that coming did you?

Crowd cheers wildley

Edge: it is the night of many great debuts, the biggest being the debut of xwc warzone.

Crowd goes nuts

Edge: and tonight, I make my big debut here in xcw warzone, and I couldn't have come here with a huger bang than you are about to hear, tonight, in my first match in xcw, in front of the millions of people that make up what we in the back call the xcw universe, I have my shot at gold, in a fatal 4 way match for the UK title

Crowd cheers

Edge: and I plan on winning it, and no matter who my opponent is, you can try to avoid it, but no matter what you try and do, you can't prevent me hitting each and every one of you, with a spear!

Crowd cheers

Camera goes back to the announce table


Jerry Lawler: And he may win the UK Championship tonight.

the lights suddenly turn black leaving the fans wondering whats going on

Jim Ross: Well this is weird.

Jerry Lawler: You can say that again.

Jim Ross: Well this is weird.

The lights suddenly turn on showing randy orton in a serious face

The Fans go wild

Randy walks his way towards the ring

Randy gets inside the ring and looks around the whole arena

Randy Then goes on the turnbuckle and raises both his arms up

The Crowd Starts Cheering

Randy Orton:My Name Is Randy orton.........

The Crowd goes absolutely nuts

Randy Orton:i have arrived at a new habitat known as XCW....I am here to show people that i mean business...real business.im here to win championships,take on contender matches and i am here to SHOW THE WORLD THAT I AM A DANGEROUS VIPER.You see i taken opponents down over the past years and that has not changed a bit throughout the years.once i challenge somebody they will have fear in their two eyelids and look at the future in fear.And once my opponent gets in the ring.ITS GOING TO BE TROUBLE FOR HIS LOSS.SO FROM NOW ON I AM NOT JUST A SUPERSTAR,I AM THE DANGEROUS MAN PEOPLE WILL EVER,AND I MEAN EVER SEE.AND IF U SAY IM NOT.THEN I WILL END THEIR LIFE.

Randy drops the microphone and leaves the ring

Jim Ross: Randy Orton is fired up!

Jerry Lawler: He sure is.

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Re: Warzone #1

Post  The Assasian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:33 pm

I Came To Play plays and The Miz walks down the ramp followed by boos.

The Miz enters the ring and poses.

Voices play and Randy Orton runs down the ramp following thunderous applause.

Orton runs into the rings and hits a RKO on Miz. He goes for the pin. The bell rings and the ref counts ...1...2...Miz kicks out. Orton gets Miz up and hits a Big Boot. Orton waits gor Miz to get up and goes for a RKO but Miz throws him off of him and Orton falls out of the rings. The Miz leaves the ring and the ref begins counting ...1... Miz hits a European Uppercut on Orton. Miz Dropkicks Orton. ...2... Miz goes for a Clothesline but Orton dodges it and pushes Miz into one of the comm tables. Orton lifts Miz up onto the table and Miz punches him and both men start trading punches. ...3... Miz and Orton hit DDT's on each other and they go threw the table. ...4... Both men lay motionless on the ground. ...5... They still don't move. ...6... Miz starts to move. ...7... Orton starts to move and slowly starts getting up. ...8... Miz gets up and hits a Neckbreaker on Orton. ...9... Miz throws Orton back into the ring and he
goes up as well. Miz waits for Orton to get up and goes for a Mizard of Oz but Orton
reverses it into a RKO. Orton goes for the pin. The ref counts ...1...2...Miz barely kicks out. Orton climbs the tope rope and when Miz gets up goes for a Crossbody Miz hits a RKO of his own and goes for the pin. The ref counts ...1..2...Orton kicks out. Miz goes for a Leg Drop but Orton rolls out of the way. Orton hits a Dropkick on Miz when he gets up. Orton goes to get Miz up but Miz hits a Low Blow and climbs the top rope but isn't fast enough and Orton gets up and hits a Super RKO on him! Orton goes for the pin. ...1...2...3...The bell rings.

Orton is handed the title. He starts celebrating as AJ Styles comes out and hugs him. The Miz rolls out of the ring and Orton waves goodbye to him. The Miz then flips Orton off and leaves.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Jim Ross: Congrats to Randy Orton for becoming the new World Champion.

Jerry Lawler: But that's not all we still have a UK champ to crown and another World Champ.

Jim Ross: Yes so please stick around for a while.

The show goes to commercial and when it comes back the ring is empty.

The crowd is quiet after the match. Nothing happens for a while and the crowd begins to wonder if something is wrong. Then all of a sudden I Am by Dale Oliver plays and AJ Styles walks down the ramp in his ring attire. The crowd is going absolutely insane! AJ jumps into the ring and begins to speak.


AJ Styles: HELLO XWC!!!!

Crowd: AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ!!!

AJ Styles: So as you all know I have a chance to become the first ever XWC World Heavyweight Champion! I've exploded onto the XWC scene and I'm ready to win it big! What about you? Are you all ready to win it big!?

Crowd: WE'RE READY!!!

AJ Styles: But first I have to beat the King of Roids....SCOTT STEINER!


AJ Styles: And the Phenom...THE UNDERTAKER, who might actually be a challenge for me.


AJ Styles: Well first off is Steiner. Oh god I have a lot to say about that loser, oh I have a lot to say indeed.

AJ moans and makes a disgusted face. He climbs the turnbuckle and sits on it. He clears his throat and starts to speak again.

AJ Styles: "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner is what people call a steroid using, aggresive, cheating, mindless, god damn shit headed loser. He's so hyped up on steroids that his penis is the size of my god damn ring finger!

The crowd cheers.

AJ Styles: When I Styles Clash him I really hope he can't get up, so then I can have a one on one with The Undertaker. Yeah I'm ready for you Undertaker, sayin' I'm a not experienced. I am the most decorated person ever to step into a TNA ring, and that's god damn impressive. You may be undefeated at Wrestlemania, but then again you've never gone up against Phonomenal AJ Styles. You're underestimating me and that's is why you are gonna lose. Now underestimating Steiner is okay, but underestimating me is a very bad idea. I will beat you and Steiner tonight for the title and I swear I will defend it with honor and pride. I WILL BE THE ONE TO WALK OUT OF THERE WITH THE BELT!


AJ Styles: Now THAT is more like it. Are you guys ready for the Main Event because I am! Undertaker and Steiner I don't think you guys know what's coming for you. I really hope that you prepared for the ass kicking you're gonna get tonight, because when I set my mind to something and I have the fans cheering me on...well I can pretty much do just about anything. That includes beating two men that put together are three times stronger than me, but strengh isn't everything. I have my speed and my skill.

Crowd: AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ!

AJ Styles: Thank you everyone and I promise you that AJ Styles will be the XWC WORLD HEAVYWEIGH CHAMPION BY THE END OF THE SHOW!

Crowd: AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ!!!

AJ drops the mic and leaves the ring with his theme playing and the crowd still cheering to prepare for his match later tonight.

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Re: Warzone #1

Post  The Assasian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:19 pm

XWC goes to commercial

A replay of the attack on viper99 by the ministry

A replay of the ladder match between viper and justingarcia shows

Shows viper losing his title

The next week

Viper: I want my rematch

Chris daimond: I say no, instaed at b4b you have a match with billy mays for a tv title contract

A clip of billy making viper tap out rolls

Man: what will be the retalliation of the ministrys action, what willhappen to viper, will there be any stopping the ministry? 2 weeks from now we will find out, in an all new season of cwf, be prepared for the ride of your life

Unstable plays as the Ultimate Warrior comes out to applause. He enters the ring.

Written In My Face plays and Sheamus walks out to booing. He enter the ring.

You Think You Know me plays and Edge walks out to a standing ovation. He enters the ring.

Sexy Boy plays as Shawn Michaels walks down the ramp to a sranding ovation. He enters the ring.

The bell rings and the match starts.

Sheamus and Edge starts brawling and Michael and Warrior start brawling. Edge Irish Whip's Sheamus and hits a Big Boot on him. Warrior and Michaels start trading chops. Sheamus hits three Stomps on Edge and lifts him up and hits a Double Handed Chokeslam. Michaels kicks Warrior in the stomach and goes for a Sweet Chin Music but Warrior dodges and hits a German Suplex. Sheamus goes to get Edge up but Edge punches him in the gut three times and then hits a Neckbreaker. Warrior goes for the Big Splash but Michaels rolls out of the way and hits a Leg Drop on Warrior's back. Edge lifts Sheamus up and hits a Suplex on him. Michael gets Warrior up and Irish Whip's him into one of the corner's. He runs at it jumps up and begins punching him in the head. Warrior throws Michaels off of him with all of his strength and Michaels crashes into the mat. Edge lifts Sheamus up and Suplex's him again. Edge waits for Sheamus to get up and when he does Edge runs at him and hits a Spear on him. Edge goes for the pin. The ref
counts ...1...2...Warrior jumps off the top rope and breaks the pin up. Michaels waits for Warrior to get up and when he does for goes for a Sweet Chin Music but Warrior grabs his leg and lifts him up and hits a Chokeslam. Edge gets up and Warrior hits a Big Boot on him. Warrior bounces off the ropes and hits a Big Splash Pin on Sheamus. The ref counts ...1...2...3 The bell rings and Warrior is given the title.

Warrior starts to celebrate with the title and Blue Demon Jr. comes out and celebrates with him. Sheamus leaves the ring pissed off. Edge and Michaels hug Warrior and shake his hand. Warrior celebrates as he leaves the ring.

WINNER: The Ultimate Warrior

Jim Ross: And with that The Ultimate Warrior is our first UK Champ.

Jerry Lawler: Congrats Warrior.

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Re: Warzone #1

Post  The Assasian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:59 pm

The scene is backstage as Suicide is walking backstage.

Suicide: Hm, something doesn't feel right.

Suicide turns around and Matt Hardy attacks him.

Matt kicks him in the gut and hits a Twist of Hate.

Matt tries to take off his mask but Suicide throws him over him and Dropkicks him.

Suicide: What the hell are you doing!

Matt Hardy runs away.

Suicide: Damn, don't run! Ah shit looks like someones after my mask again.

Jim Ross: Well here is our Main Event of the night, AJ Styles vs Scott Steiner vs The Undertaker for the XWC World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Oh I am pumped up for this.

Scott Steiner's Theme plays and Scott Steiner comes out to booing as he enters the ring.

Funeral Dirge plays as The Undertaker comes out to applause. He enter the ring.

I Am plays and AJ Styles runs down the ramp the applause and he enters the ring.

The bell rings and the match begins. Undertaker runs at AJ for a Clothesline but AJ dodges it and goes for a Pele but Undertaker kicks him in mid-air and AJ falls to the mat. Steiner sits back and watches them. Undertaker gets AJ up and he hits a European Uppercut. Undertaker then lifts AJ up and slams him onto the mat. Undertaker gets AJ up and Irish Whip's him but AJ rolls out of the ring. Undertaker turns around and Steiner Big Boots him. AJ climbs the turnbuckle from the outside and jumps at Steiner and hits a Crossbody. He goes for the pin and the ref counts ...1...2..Steiner kicks out. AJ jumps up and hits a standing Moonsault on Steiner. He goes for the pins and the ref counts ...1...2..Steiner kicks out. Undertaker gets up and looks at AJ. AJ looks back at him and they nod. AJ and Undertaker climb the turnbuckle. AJ jumps and hits a Leg Drop on Steiner. Undertaker jumps and hits a Leg Drop on Steiner as well. Undertaker lifts Steiner up and hits a Chokeslam on him. Undertaker turns around and AJ hits an Enzigiri on him. AJ gets Undertaker up and goes for an Enzigiri but Undertaker grabs his leg and throws AJ to the mat. Undertaker lifts AJ up and hits a Tombstone Piledriver. He goes for the pin. The ref counts ...1...2...AJ lifts his leg up and kicks Undertaker in the face, breaking the pin. AJ kicks Undertaker in the guts lifts him up, puts his legs in front of Undertaker's arms and hits a Styles Clash on him. AJ turns him around an goes for the pin. The ref counts ...1...2...3 the bell rings and AJ is handed his title.

AJ begins to celebrate in the ring. Orton comes out and celebrates with AJ. Fans pour in and celebrate with him. Every clears out when The Undertaker comes over. He sticks out his hand and AJ shakes it. The Undertaker lifts AJ's arm up.


Jim Ross: And AJ Styles had done it! He has won the XWC World Heavyweight Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Congrats AJ.

The show goes quiet after commecials.

No more words plays on the pa system

Jeff hardy runs out from backstage and starts flinging his arms

Purple and blue fireworks come out of the stage

Jeff runs down the ramp clapping hands with the fans

Jeff runs in the ring and grabs a mic

Jeff hardy: man this feels good, its good to be back.

The crowd cheers

Jeff: that's right the enigma is back inside of the ring that he was born to be in, but back in a brand neqw company, the xwc warzone

The crowd cheers

Jeff: now when I got here today I was told that I would be in a title match next week for the steel cage title, and none of the other competitors have been chosen yet, it could be scott steiner, it could be mr anderson, it could be matt morgan but, wait hang on, I know how to make this much better, lower the cage please

The cage lowers

Jeff climbs to the top of the cage and sits

Jeff: as I was saying, no matter who it is, they are gonna have a very tough challenge getting through the charismatic enigma, but I promise you no matter what this will be a great match

Jeff turns his legs to the outside of the cage

Jeff: if you can make it

Jeff jumps off the cage and lands on his feet

Camera cuts to commercial

When the show comes back Vickie is in the ring.

Vickie Guerrero: Everyone I hope you enjoyed the first XWC Warzone!


Vickie Guerrero: I know I did. We will see you next time everyone.

The camera cuts back to the comm table.

Jim Ross: Well I sure had a good time calling this show.

Jerry Lawler: As did I Ross, well everyone we hope to see you on the next Warzone.

The show closes.

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Re: Warzone #1

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