Randy Wins the XWC Title(AFTERMATH) Show #2

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Randy Wins the XWC Title(AFTERMATH) Show #2 Empty Randy Wins the XWC Title(AFTERMATH) Show #2

Post  Justin Garcia on Sun May 01, 2011 1:32 am

hits on the p.a titantron

The Crowd goes Wild and starts chanting"LETS GO VIPER"

Randy walks down the ring in a serious look holding his XWC World Title.

Randy Comes inside the ring and goes on the turnbuckle

Randy Put Both his Arms up

The whole arena is filled with flashes of the cameras and loud cheerings.

Randy goes down the turnbuckle and grabs a microphone

Randy Orton:Well...it seems that I have won the XWC World Title Last week.I told my opponents that whoever i face is going to not kick out of a 1,2,3.And well my first opponent for that was the miz

The Crowd suddenly Boo's

Randy Orton:Miz,Last Week You were a disgrace into copying the RKO.No one can do the Rko Perfectly then me.and thats because i created that move and the Name.And if u thought that it would make me loose well think again Dumbass it didnt.You see A viper eats his prey and knaws his preys neck down until they cant move.and last week i hit u with an Rko leaving you Staring into the light

The Crowd suddenly Cheers

Randy Orton:That goes to all of my Preys backstage.if u mess with the viper then you are going to get a hell of a fight.and one move that i can keep them dead and staring into the light is the tremendous R....K.....O!!!!.

Randy orton suddenly drops the microphone and goes into the backstage area

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