AJ Styles and Randy Orton Warzone #2

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AJ Styles and Randy Orton Warzone #2 Empty AJ Styles and Randy Orton Warzone #2

Post  The Assasian on Sun May 01, 2011 3:36 am

The scene opens up with AJ Styles and Randy Orton backstage talking.

AJ Styles: Well looks like I'm being hit with a title defense tonight against Jack Swagger. Isn't this great. I just got out of a grueling match with The Undertaker and Scott Steiner and now this? This is ridiculous. But hey I'm Phenomenal so I should be able to do it. Right Randy?

Randy Orton:yes you will win.ive seen this guy wrestle and he lost alot of matches.you can really win this match and whoever doesnt think so dont know anything about real wrestling.so good luck my friend

AJ Styles smiles and talks.

AJ Syles: So who's your match against tonight. You afraid The Miz might interfere he seemed pretty pissed off when he lost. That might be bad if he does. You might want to watch out for him.

Randy:I CAN FUCKIN OWN HIS ASS.If he dares touches me ill just rko him just like that.that goes to other haters in the backstage area.YOUR NOT HIS FRIEND ARE YOU!

AJ looks shocked.

AJ Styles: Randy calm down man. You're World Champ for a reason. But good luck out there man. I'll see you later.

AJ walks away.

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