Undertaker- Show#2- Tag Team Titles Match

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Undertaker- Show#2- Tag Team Titles Match Empty Undertaker- Show#2- Tag Team Titles Match

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Sun May 01, 2011 6:01 am

Undertaker: Last week, I was robbed of victory by that son of a bitch AJ Styles. That was a grave mistake you made friend, because I am approaching you and I will show you what no mercy means. You will bow down to the great power of The Dead Man, of The Undertaker. You will finally learn your long awaited lesson about respecting your superiors. The respect you get, is the respect you deserve. Now, as you have not been in the wrestling business very long that means you should have a long wrestling career ahead of you. I will make sure that this does not happen. I will make sure that your career is ended as soon as possible, because when it is, you are not going to be there to cheat me from the World Heavyweight Title. That would just leave Scott Steiner and, as everybody knows, he could not beat me to save his life. The process of eliminating you should not take to long, all you have to do is look at me and your bones turn to dust, I do not want to destroy you, to mane you or to seriously injure you- before, I have taken your soul. Yes, that is right, your soul. That soul that you are labouring under the delusion is so innocent of which you are so wrong. Your soul is not innocent at all, you can however redeem your soul innocent and avoid the long and painful soul extracting process that you will soon be going through unless you do a couple of simple things for me. Number one, admit that I am better than you to the whole of the XWC fans. Then we come to number 2, hand to me the championship that I know and you deep down know I should own. Failure to complete this procedure and then the consequences will be much more severe than just losing 'your' soul. Your family will loose theirs too. You and I both know that they are innocent, apart from giving birth to a mistake as big as you. So you know what to do and where to find me and as I said last show, I can be very persuasive when I need to be and I will use force if necessary to achieve my goals. You have been warned.

Undertaker gives a little evil laugh

Undertaker: Now lets talk about my match tonight. I shall be teaming up with The Big Red Monster Kane in attempt to win the tag titles and beat Homicide and Matt Morgan. First off let us discuss the midget Homicide. He has never stepped into the ring with The Undertaker before so he will be very surprised regarding to what it feels like. If he is as clever as the Oompa Loompa's from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as he is their height then he would have listened to what I have just said to AJ Styles, the other midget, and realize that the same kind of principles will apply to him if he dares get in my way and disrespect the power of the Brothers of Destruction as tonight, we prove ourselves to everyone on the roster and let them feel our wrath. Matt Morgan, The Genetic Freak. Well Mr Freak I am afraid that tonight whatever scary reputation you have earned yourself here will be shattered into millions of pieces because the greatest tag team known to man has just entered the building. It has also come to my attention that you have been waiting for your title shot for along time, well sorry to disappoint you but myself and Kane are not the kind of people that you can just push around. So if you do attempt to push as around then I will shove my carbon footprint straight up your arse.


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