Santino Comes to XWC

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Santino Comes to XWC Empty Santino Comes to XWC

Post  Santino Marella on Sun May 01, 2011 2:09 pm

hits on the p.a titantron

The Crowd Boos and Chants"FUCK U SANTINO"

Santino is seen smiling at the fans while walking down the arena

Santino:HELLO XWC.MY NAME IS E SANTINO.I am here to make a e statement in Xwc.You see ive been disrespected by the i want to see if ill ever get respect here.and if you dont e respect me.then i wont e respect you peoples.

The crowd suddenly boos

Santino:all of u guys dont e respect me.You guys just like to sit on your asses being such tonight i am e scheduled a match against The Incredible,yet stupid Ultimate Warrior.i mean really why would he call himself ultimate warrior if he isnt really a warrior.You see these bad boys

Santino Flexes his muscle and shows it off at the crowd

Santino:these babys can knock down a baby,and it can knock down a man.and that is what im going to do to ultimate warrior tonight.and once i knock his ass down i will e be the strongest man on xwc no enjoy the show you loosers have fun.

Santino drops his microphone and leaves the ring

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