introduction to maddison show #2

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introduction to maddison show #2 Empty introduction to maddison show #2

Post  "the animal" viper99 on Sun May 01, 2011 4:37 pm

Maddison rayne is shown backstage

Interviwer: Maddison, can we have a word with you about your match with daffney tonight?

Maddison: first off never call me Maddison, that's queen rayne to you, second, fine, but don't waste my time.

Interviewer: ok queen rayne, what do you think about your opponent tonigt

Maddison: that fat peice of shit? She needs to get put in her place and who better to do it then the queen herself Maddison rayne, the most beautiful person in the world

Interviewer: you don't think she will be a good match?

Maddison: please, no one is a good match for me, cause no one is in my league, I am simply the best there is

Interviewer: one more question, if you lose.......

Maddison:.......if I lose, you did not just say that, didn't. I tell you not to wast my time, get the fuck outta here

Interviewer. Gets scared and runs

Camera cuts too commercial

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