Suicide and Mickie backstage #3

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Suicide and Mickie backstage #3 Empty Suicide and Mickie backstage #3

Post  The Assasian on Mon May 02, 2011 2:31 am

Suicide and Mickie James are walking backstage. Todd Grisham goes up to them.

Todd Grisham: Um, Suicide can I get a word with you?

Suicide: Well I was gonna go have super fun time with Mickie but whatever. You know that's not important. Sure, what do you want?

Todd Grisham: Well how do you feel about your mixed tag match tonight against Primo and Kelly Kelly?

Suicide: I'm not worried at all. Kelly Kelly only won the title because Mickie wasn't in the match but whatever Mickie will be champ soon enough.

Todd Grisham: What are your feelings on Matt Hardy? If you had three more seconds, could you of won?

Suicide: Yeah I could of won. I hit Matt with one DOA and he barely kicked out I think two would of put him away. Also I don't know what's up with Matt but when I beat him at Mayhem in our match. It might just knock some sense into him. I thought I was his friend but, I don't know. It's either Jeff talks some sense into him or I kick Matt's head in, because I'm not having people after my mask. Now are we done here?

Todd Grisham: Yes, thank you for your time.

Suicide walks away.

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