Ultimate Warrior #3- Match with edge

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Ultimate Warrior #3- Match with edge Empty Ultimate Warrior #3- Match with edge

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Mon May 02, 2011 3:52 am

Ultimate Warrior is shown in a locker room

Ultimate Warrior: If there is one thing in this world I cannot stand it id disloyalty. I was nice to you Sheamus and then you blew it. Last week you started talking trash about me. You said that I do not deserve to be the champion. Well tough shit. I am and your going to have to put up with it until you can prove yourself worthy of a title shot and at the moment how your going about it is pretty lousy. Running your mouth talking crap about people is not the way to go. You prove yourself, win matches and help the company but not to start talking trash about me and other people. Regrettably the General Manager has not booked the tag match I requested many times tonight so I can not get my hands on you to shut your mouth for you.

Ultimate Warrior: Instead I have a match with Edge. Now Edge, I have respect for you and I realize that you are a good superstar and all but I have to protect my spot at the top and to do that I must remove anyone who gets in my way. As much as I would like to remove Sheamus I cant so as I have a match tonight with you then I am afraid I will have to start with you. I have trained very hard for this match and I will not go down easy. If you do end up winning then, well done. Now I have some 'business' to take care of...

Ultimate Warrior runs out of the locker room at such great speed the door nearly falls off


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