edge on title match with ultimate warrior show #3

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edge on title match with ultimate warrior show #3 Empty edge on title match with ultimate warrior show #3

Post  "the animal" viper99 on Mon May 02, 2011 4:24 am

Camera cuts to the backstage and shows edge

Edge: on the first show of xwc there was a fatal 4 way for the uk title, and i'm not gonna lie to you i'm kinda bummed out that I didn't win, but on another point I want to point out that one of my best friends in this business, the ultimate warrior, won the title.

Crowd cheers

Edge: yeah I know, congratulations on winning the title warrior you earned it, but earlier tonight I was informed that without time to train, I was told I had a title rematch with you here tonight, and. I was ecstatic, but there was one person back here that wasn't and that person is sheamus, sheamus thinks he is the rightful owner of that title even though he got pinned on the mat 1.2.3. And lost the match fair and square, now if I don't remember while we were in that ring sheamus I ran up to you and speared you, then warrior hit you with the big splash for the win, so please, stop complaining, if not, I will make you
crowd cheers

Edge: now, back on the subject of my title match with warrior, when we get in that ring and stare into each others eyes, we will show the world what this business, I know you will do anything to win and keep the title, but when we get in that ring, nothing will stop me from hitting you, with a spear

Crowd cheers

Camera cuts to commercial

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