Shark Boy talks about Cena Warzone #3

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Shark Boy talks about Cena Warzone #3 Empty Shark Boy talks about Cena Warzone #3

Post  The Assasian on Mon May 02, 2011 5:44 am

Shark Boy is shown backstage. He is sitting in a chair.

Shark Boy: Well then. John Cena thinks he's all that huh. Apparently that son of a bitch thinks he's a god damn god. Well then at Mayhem I'm gonna throw so much seafood at him he's gonna think he's at a Red Lobster god damn buffet.

You can hear the crowd cheering.

Shark Boy: Also when I beat Morgan tonight I'll prove to everyone why I'm number six on the charts and why he isn't on them. I just want to say good luck to Morgan because he's gonna need it, because I'm gonna stomp a mudhole in his ass tonight. I'm gonna take him down so bad they're gonna think that he got attacked by a real god damn shark out for blood. Well then looks like I'm out of time here.

Shark Boy stands up and grabs the camera. He puts his face close to it and says.

Shark Boy: I'm Shark Boy and I just bit your ass.

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