matt hardy on the superman title show 3

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matt hardy on the superman title show 3 Empty matt hardy on the superman title show 3

Post  "the animal" viper99 on Mon May 02, 2011 6:54 am

Matt hardys theme music plays

Matt walks down to the ring with an angry expression on his face

Matt gets in the ring and grabs a mic

Matt: tonight I have a match for the superman title with the boogieman? C'mon vickie, you know that's not what I wanted, I wanted suicide for his mask, I mean c'mon, the boogeyman isn't even fit to lace up my boots let alone be in a wrestling match with the wrestling mastermind, boogey probably can't even read and after the beating I give him tonight not only will he surely not be able to read but those 4 teeth he has will be spilt on the floor with his tongue hanging out while I stand over his limp body with my hand raised and gold around my waist, even thinking of doing this match is a waste of time, it gives me a headache thinking about how badly bruised and battered his body will be when the match is done and how perfect my body will still look, go ahead ladies, it is ok to stare

Crowd boos

Matt: now as for suicide, suicide we ain't done, we have only just begun, I am coming for your mask and I will take it, no matter what it takes, when you hide behind a mask you show cowardice, and a coward is something I am not cause you see, i'm absolutely perfect

Matt hardys theme plays again

Matt walks backstage

Camera cuts to commercial

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