Undertaker- Show#1- World Heavyweight Match

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Undertaker- Show#1- World Heavyweight Match Empty Undertaker- Show#1- World Heavyweight Match

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:20 pm

Smoke fills the arena as the lights are dimmed creating an eerie atmosphere for the fans and announcers. The Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul O Bearer on his right hand side. Once in the ring Undertaker stands in the centre as lightning hits the corners causing the crowd to screen and the lights to flicker back on

Undertaker: On this very dark cold night...Xtreme Wrestling Championship will feel a force greater than death, the force of the living dead. Tonight I join XWC to create history in this newly created federation. I will be forced to prove myself to everyone in the back, that is if they survive the power unleashed by me on their helpless souls.

The crowd cheers

Undertaker: All of the wrestlers here will have to overcome a challenge greater than any other in the history of this business. They will be challenged to survive the darkness that is brought to this great company in the formation of me. They will have to push themselves to the limit to beat me.

Undertaker: The process of beating me will put immense strain on their bodies as they endeavour to try and beat the dead man. Anyone who dares to look into my eyes deserves an award for bravery, but it may be the last thing you ever do, as a living man anyway.

The crowd cheers louder than before

Undertaker: I have entered this federation with many intentions. One of them being to be the greatest champion here. I want to win as many championships as possible, but once I have won a championship, anyone seeking to win it thereafter will find themselves begging me for mercy as I unleash my wrath on their supposedly innocent souls. I have warned you.

Undertaker: You will find I can be very intimidating when I require to be. I can penetrate you with my stare or infiltrate your soul that you so seemingly think is innocent. You see, no-one is safe, not even your family.

Undertaker gives an evil laugh

Undertaker: There is however one man who is safe from my path of destruction. He is my brother, Kane. As we together form the greatest and most powerful tag team ever to walk on the face of the Earth, which we will prove to you in the next show. People flinch at even the sound of our name, The Brothers, Of Destruction.

Undertaker: Now, onto my match tonight. AJ Styles...so young, weak and vulnerable. If he has any sense at all he will chicken out of the match, just to make sure his career is not short lived. He may be young and more agile than be but he has very little experience... and even the most experienced of wrestlers cannot beat me.

Undertaker gives an evil laugh and seems to be enjoying a very deep thought and then his laugh turns into a smile as he begins to speak

Undertaker: Scott Steiner. Where do I begin? Well, at least you brings more of a challenge than AJ. Scott, I have beaten you many times in the past and I will be delighted do it again. I know your strengths and weaknesses and how to fight you. This match is a piece of cake.

Undertaker: Now AJ and Scott, and infact, all of the wrestlers here. You may be labouring under the delusion that I am, how to phrase this, going to come quietly. Well it is very sad for me to inform you of your ludicrous ideas. I will not be coming quietly, I will be taking anyone's and everyone's souls, starting with you.

Undertaker drops the mic and stands in the ring as the lights slowly dim and the arena returns to its previously smoke filled state and his theme plays


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