"Double D" Dave Dutra comes to XWC Warzone #2

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"Double D" Dave Dutra comes to XWC Warzone #2 Empty "Double D" Dave Dutra comes to XWC Warzone #2

Post  The Assasian on Sun May 01, 2011 2:05 am

(Someguy asked me to post this)

Dave Dutra runs down the ramp with a mic, the crowd is cheering him as he enters the rings. He begins to speak.

Dave Dutra: Hello XWC! I am Dave Dutra, I'm straight out of APW. Where I am a former champion, and now I have the pleasure of preforming for all of the XWC fans because I have a match with Mr. Anderson tonight. Now what does everyone think of Mr. Anderson?

Crowd: HE BLOWS!

Dave Dutra: Oh well does he. Then I guess I'm gonna have fun tonight when I take him down for the one, two, three. Oh yeah that's right, Dave Dutra is ready to win his XWC debut and he will go on to be the XWC World Champion one day.


Dave Dutra: I'm gonna beat you tonight Anderson, I'm gonna take you out and go onto my next match. I'm gonna bring it. I'm gonna give you the Double or Nothing!

The crowd cheers as Dave Dutra leaves the ring

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