stone cold debut show #2

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stone cold debut show #2 Empty stone cold debut show #2

Post  "the animal" viper99 on Sun May 01, 2011 3:36 am

Broken glass is heard around the arena

Crowd cheers in joy

Steve austin walks out and down to the ring

Steve: you see, I was in the back of this buildin Tryna get in, and I look on the entrance sheet and stone cold steve austin was not on the list, if y'all want stone cold steve austin on this show, give me a hell yeah

Crowd yells HELL YEAH!!!

Steve: now gettin down to business, I hear that right here tonight there a steel cage title match that stone cold is not in, first stone colds not on the show now he's not in the match, are you Taryn lose ratings? Listen if y'all want stone cold to be in that match give me a hell yeah

Crowd yells HELL YEAH

Stone cold: well there you have it so the gm now you gotta sign me and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so!!!

Stone cold drops the mic and goes on the top turnbuckle

Stone cold gets 2 beers and opens them

Stone cold smashes them together and chugs them

Xwc goes to commercial

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