Reaction To UK Champion (show #2)

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Reaction To  UK Champion (show #2) Empty Reaction To UK Champion (show #2)

Post  Sheamus on Sun May 01, 2011 1:55 pm

hits on the p.a titantron

The Crowd Suddenly Boos

Sheamus walks down the ring in a pissed off face

Sheamus:Last Week......Ultimate warrior won the UK Championship.I dont have a problem with him except for one thing.He Doesnt Deserve to be the Mother Fucking Uk Champion

The crowd suddenly boos

Sheamus:He deserves to be put in the trash bruised,battered,and fucked up.i dont see greatness in the bitch all i see is him being a weakling.i dont care if u like him or not all i know is that he does not deserve that title.The One who deserves that title is ME.The Celtic Warrior SHEAMUS

The Crowd suddenly boos and points the middle finger at sheamus

Sheamus:Get your fucking facts straight.I won the United States Championship back in wwe.I should win more then Championships and popularity.I should win respect,and Integrety.Not being insulted by.I want people to look at me as their savior.I want people to call me King Sheamus.And i definetly want respect.SO ULTIMATE WARRIOR GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW

Sheamus waits for Ultimate warrior


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Reaction To  UK Champion (show #2) Empty Re: Reaction To UK Champion (show #2)

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Sun May 01, 2011 2:35 pm

Ultimate Warrior runs to the ring at great speed without his championship belt

Ultimate Warrior: First off, News Flash! Your not a king and second of all I won the belt because of my passion and focus. Plus it does help I am not a reproachable running around for a bit of gold. Now I know I am better than you and I know that you can not stand that, but please, keep your mouth shut! These fans pay with their hard earned cash to come here and I think I speak for them all when they say the only time they want to see you here is when your getting your ass whipped. Now I have a match to prepare for so if that is all- I will be off now.

Ultimate Warrior makes his way to the back as his music plays


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