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Undertaker show #3 Empty Undertaker show #3

Post  XxxBeAsTxxX on Mon May 02, 2011 3:19 am

The Undertaker can be seen in a cemetery with two freshly dug graves and smoke covering the floor

Undertaker: Last week, me and my demonic brother Kane. We won the tag team titles, we beat Homicide and Matt Morgan. They are now Resting In Peace. We destroyed them in that match, their souls and well being is beyond repair. We proved that we deserve to be at the top of the roster at number 1. And tonight when we win our match, my number four rank will soon become a number two or three. We will go on to conquer the rest of the roster until you all have to retire, but we believe in chances. This is your chance to jump ship and move out of our way before we get to you.

Undertaker: Tonight we will be facing AJ Styles and Randy Orton. A nice chance to prove to everyone that i deserve the number two spot and Kane number three. Tonight this federation will lose two superstars it holds very close to it's heart. AJ, you cheated me out of the title, and now, I am coming for you. Tonight we are issuing a warning to everyone out there who wishes to leave this world with their head on their neck. AJ, Orton, tonight you will REESSTT IINNN PEAAACCE!!


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