Randys Reaction to Match with kane and undertaker

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Randys Reaction to Match with kane and undertaker

Post  Justin Garcia on Mon May 02, 2011 11:18 am

Randy orton is seen at the backstage area facing the Camera

Randy:Ladies and gentleman,Tonight i have a match with the person i fought at Wrestlemania 21 in the wwe.The Undertaker.

The Crowd suddenly cheers

Randy:i also got reports that he is going along side his brother the big red monster kane.Now Later today undertaker made a statement about me and aj styles will rest in peace.That is not whats going to happen tonight.Tonight will be a night where i get to Either RKO Undertaker or his shitty ass brother Kane.And Once that Rko Hits through there head they will feel pain everywhere.they will feel the wrath of Randy Orton Tonight and once the Wrath of Randy Orton Comes out it will not feel pretty for Undertaker or Kane.And once the referee counts to a 1,2,3 BOTH OF YOU WILL REST....IN.....PEACE....

randy orton suddenly walks away from the camera

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