Randys Message to Opponents (world HeavyWeight Title)

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Randys Message to Opponents (world HeavyWeight Title) Empty Randys Message to Opponents (world HeavyWeight Title)

Post  Justin Garcia on Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:04 am

Randy orton is seen looking at the camera

Randy Orton:This message goes to my opponents tonight in a fatal-four way match.Tonight u guys will unleash the wrath of the viper,and you will feel pain from your inner organs,your stomach,your legs,even your face.Once u guys step in the ring with me you are going to enter the vipers cage.and once u do i will make all of u guys crushed through your inner veins.And trust me after tonight u will feel pain everywhere wether its your eyes,your legs,your stomach,your head. anywhere it wont be good for all of guys tonight.so get ready for my senses are going to be focused on u 4

Randy leaves the backstage area as the camera cuts into commercial

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